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Company Profile

Through a diversification and internationalization strategy initiated in 1997, De Agostini has gradually expanded its activities from the traditional publishing sector to other sectors, each belonging to an independent sub-holding:

De Agostini Editore S.p.A.: is the sub-holding company active in the publishing sector in 30 countries with publications in 13 languages and organised into areas by product: De Agostini Publishing, De Agostini Libri, Editions Atlas France/Suisse, Digital De Agostini.

De Agostini Communications S.p.A.: is the media and communication sector sub-holding comprising the Group's interests in content production, broadcasting and distribution of content for television, new media and cinema. Zodiak Media is among the most innovative and creative companies in the world in the production and distribution of high-quality content for television and new media. Antena 3 de TelevisiĆ³n, the Spanish national radio and television broadcaster, held in partnership with Spanish Planeta Corporation and listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, is a co-leader in the Spanish television market. It also boasts strong brands in the radio sector (Onda Cero and Europa FM) and in event organisation (Unipublic).

Lottomatica Group S.p.A.: is a world leader in the lotteries, gaming and services market, listed on the Milan stock exchange. De Agostini S.p.A. controls Lottomatica Group with an absolute majority share. Lottomatica Group is the sole concessionaire for Italian Lotto and other public games, and has extensive know-how for the development of gaming systems and products and sports betting systems through the provision of terminals, hardware and software. With the acquisition of GTech in 2006, Lottomatica Group became the largest global player in the lotteries, gaming and services sector.

DeA Capital S.p.A.: carries out private equity investments both direct, with focus on the services sector, and indirect in private equity funds. DeA Capital is also active in the management of private equity funds and other alternative assets, through its subsidiaries IDeA Alternative Investments and First Atlantic Real Estate.

De Agostini S.p.A.: also holds other financial investments, including a minority stake in Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.


Company Profile

De Agostini Editore S.p.A. publishes in 13 languages and in 30 countries.
Its activities are focused on the organization and diffusion of knowledge.

De Agostini Editore S.p.A., both in Italy and around the world, has responsibility for coordination and strategic management of all the Group's activities in the publishing sector, organised into areas by product: De Agostini Publishing, De Agostini Libri, Editions Atlas France/Suisse, Digital De Agostini.

De Agostini Libri S.p.A. is a De Agostini Editore company. The company coordinates and manages the publishing activities on the Italian market, focusing on the production of books, major works, tourist guides, maps and scholarly publishing. De Agostini Libri's products ranging from traditional paper books to digital off and online, and include Books (illustrated works, the Italian and foreign fiction, books for children and teenagers), General Reference (encyclopedias, dictionaries, books of prestige and the most famous works of Utet publishing house), Cartography (atlases, maps, guidebooks, globes and the new site De Agostini Libri is also present in the market "business to business" and online sales through ( created in partnership with Hoepli S.p.A.